Codex Alimentarius

Discussion in 'The big picture' started by ho-hum, Nov 4, 2009.

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    This statement means 'food book' in Latin and the name of a UN trade committee. There is a lot of buzz across the internet on this topic. I would like to see the debate in here.

    My only concern at this point is that I dont seem to have an opinion and dont want to muddy the waters with a half baked one. Is this something that we should be concerned about?

    The opinions I have read thus far seem highly emotive and many of them start with a false premise along the lines of ''the gubmint is out to get us and this is a plot by BIG BROTHER, THE UN AND THE BANKS to control us.


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    Re: Codex Alimentarius

    G'day Mike

    First I'd heard of it, but that is not surprising. Usually, when studying international trade mechanisms (globalisation), things like CODEX just get lumped into the category WTA (world trade agreements), and I only ever delve into the specifics when needed.

    Depends. Are you an exporter/importer of food stuffs? What about a consumer of imported food stuffs? What are 'food stuffs'? I answer 'no' to the first, 'rarely' to the second, and 'dunno' to the third. I can confidently say 'rarely' to the second, because it is a rare event that I put anything into my mouth without being able to trace it back to its source. Of course this is becoming increasingly difficult with 'additives and supplements' (the origin of which are unknown) added to food chains somewhere along the way from ocean/farm to plate. All the more reason to grow your own, or at least know all there is to know about the food you buy/consume. I suggest we get to know and support our local food producers, and demand that they disclose all that goes into their product. At 'farmers' markets, and before I purchase, I ask if I can come to the 'farm' and have a look around. If I get a 'yes', I usually buy the product and arrange a time to 'drop by'. If I get a 'no', I smile and walk on.

    It seems that most of the current reaction to CODEX is from the 'supplements industry'. I suspect this has more to do with money, than it does with 'food standards' or 'safety'.

    Yeah, well, I'm not big on 'conspiracy theories', either. 'Show me the evidence', I usually say. But, having said that, I am an advocate for libertarian municipalism, so 'globalisation' is the ultimate affront to someone like me who wishes to create a truly rational society, and one that functions free of all 'centralised agendas' (be those driven by Nation States, global bureaucracies, international oligarchies, or any other form of globe-encompassing authoritarian and oppressive hierarchical structure).

    However, in this sense (don't ask me, I'm lost too), we are the lucky ones. We at least have to ability/opportunity to ask, 'Where did this come from, what's in it, and what's it all about?' Many do not. I feel great compassion for those around the world who are getting shafted in the 'great race' to produce enough 'food' to feed the masses. Take the Amazonian Aborigines, for example. 'Six football fields' of their rainforest is being cleared each minute so that all around the world people in their millions can eat a McBurger, the meat composite of which having been grown on a soy product, that in turn is grown where magnificent rainforests once stood - madness! How many food miles in a McBurger sold in Manila, I wonder? Then there are those millions that eat the crap. Ask them what they are eating, and if they can follow the production chain back to its source. Nearly 7 billion people in the world - 6 billion of which don't have an opportunity to receive the education that would help them to even 'ask the question', let alone answer it, and the other 1 billion who do have the education, but are either too scared or too apathetic to bother.

    In a round-a-bout fashion, that's what I think of CODEX.

    Cheerio, Marko.

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