Cockroach stomping a no-brainer

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    Cockroach stomping a no-brainer

    Everyone has had to take on a kitchen-corner cockroach, and chances are you failed to flatten your quarry. Dr Karl has been down on all fours to work out the cockie's elusive ways.

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    It is summertime, and the living is easy. But the cockroaches are very difficult to stamp on. Why is this so?

    One reason is that cockroaches can sense the air currents created by your moving foot or, if you're not particularly squeamish, your moving hand.

    The other reason is that the cockroach's brain is not involved in its escape.

    Cockroaches have been around for around 250 million years. Today, there are about 4000 different species around the world.

    About 500 of these species are native to Australia. But the five or so species of cockroaches in your house are not native Australian. They came from overseas.

    The so-called German cockroaches are about 10–15 millimetres long. They are probably the most widespread insect pest in the whole world.

    They like warm and moist environments, like kitchens and bathrooms. Under ideal conditions, a colony of just five fertile females could produce 45 million cockroaches in just a year.
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    I have found in my younger days, MA, that the key to control in cockroach populations is to understand that they hear through their legs.
    I came to this conclusion through extensive testing and having trained a number of them in English I found that when I yelled RUN they would but the more legs you removed the slower they would get till they became totally deaf according to the results. Since then I have found a gentler way and do not do such things. I guess I will be of no use to Kimbo in his efforts to raise an army, but I could have been.

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