Cleaning a muddy Well

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    Hello everyone

    We have several superficial open hand dug wells here in Medina Sidona, Southern Spain. We hav one very clogged up with mud. It is 3 meters down with a very tight opening.

    Apart from squeezing down and scooping it out with a bucket, does anyone have any other suggestions? We cant get a truck there either to power hose it out.

    Sorry to sound like such urban lubbers but we are!

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    there's a large number of questions to answer to get a very satisfactory response...

    when you say several what do you mean? is this well critical? can it be abandoned? perhaps the space could be better used for something else? how was it constructed? how did it get filled with mud? etc. there's a huge amount of backstory to this that is important to know...

    before spending a lot of efforts and money to refurbish this well perhaps it's not all that productive of good quality water (mud would be a sign that either the well is not properly constructed or it is subject to surface flooding or infiltration). it makes no sense to waste money to clean it out if it's going to get filled back in...

    what is the overall site like and the overall water situation like? are all the wells monitored for quality and quantity so that you know you're not overusing the ground water?

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