Cheapest electric net fencing in australia!

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    HeenanDoherty has now imported over 800 rolls & units of the best value, highest quality, lowest price electric net fencing, energisers and accessories into Australia since 2011. We can only do this by making you wait...

    Our process is simple:

    1. You place your order here
    2. This current offer (#6) closes on June 30, 2013
    3. We bundle your and others orders together
    4. Our supplier (Premier1 in Iowa USA) dispatches the order
    5. International Trade Management (ITM) manages the sea freight to the Port of Melbourne (6-8 weeks)
    6. The shipment gets processed and released from customs (1-7 days)
    7. eFulfillment Services (eFS) then dispatches the individual (eTracked) orders out to you all via Australia Post
    8. You receive your order by the end of August 2013

    Why are our products the best going around ?

    *Our net fencing is white in colour so highly visible to livestock, pest animals AND humans
    *Our energiser range is proven in the field and suits both portable and fixed systems
    *You cannot buy as high a quality products for these prices in Australia
    *HeenanDoherty are the only providers of Premier1 products in Australia
    *As used at the Permaculture Research Institute's Zaytuna Farm, Milkwood Permaculture & Taranaki Farm along with many, many more farms around Australia and the world

    See installation video here:

    We don't hold stock and this, together with us generating very large orders enables us to deliver the lowest prices in Australia (see below for others prices/products). Also your funds are held in a Bendigo Bank holding account to purchase the order and handle the costs of freight and postage.

    ChookNet - for Poultry
    12/106/7 (12 horizontal wires, 106cm high, 7cm between vertical wires) x 50m - 10.6kg/roll - $275/roll (includes postage & GST)

    GrazeNet - for Sheep, Goats & Cattle
    8/89/15 (8 horizontal wires, 89cm high, 15cm between vertical wires) x 50m - 5.5kg/roll - $187/roll (includes postage & GST)

    Solar ShockBox
    1 joule water-resistant solar unit - 10kg - $563/unit (includes postage anywhere in Australia)

    Speedrite 1000 Energiser
    1.4 stored joules/1 released joules AC/DC - 2kg - $228/unit (includes postage anywhere in Australia)

    ORDER NOW BEFORE JUNE 30th 2013!!

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