CEB House Design Review

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    Hello! As a globally collaborative organization, part of our work involves soliciting feedback from the greater open-source development community. This is your chance to provide a meaningful contribution of knowledge to the project - especially if you have knowledge of construction, architecture, or natural building. We have a design; however, we are looking for review in order to improve on it.
    We have a complete sketchup file of the design of Microhouse 3 - We have a general outline of the build procedure - We also have many pictures of the build -

    We have completed an initial stage of construction and are presently reviewing the architecture before proceeding. At this stage, we have almost completed the bricks for the first floor.

    Here are our questions:

    1. Should the first floor bond beam go around the entire perimeter of the house?
    2. Is the mounting of rafters to the upper and lower mid truss strong enough?
      1. should cripple studs be added to connect the upper and lower 2x12’s and the rafters?
    3. In what order should the flashing, tar paper, and corrugated roofing be installed?

    To answer any of these questions, please see the response form here:

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