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    If anyone out there has ever thought of becoming a wildlife carer I can tell you it is so well worth doing.
    I became a carer in December 08 and have just recently handed over my first joey for staging and then she will be released back intothe wild. I have two more little joeys, a boy and a girl who are just lovely. They are very easy to care for and cost very litlle to feed. The initial cost of setting up varies with each species, but I can tell you it most likely is a lot less than you would think. My wallbies cost about $6.50 each to feed per week plus apples and sweet potato (which I grow myself anyway), and that is it.
    If you are interested you could contact you local wildlife rescue group and they will help you out. You must apply for a license from the DNR which is not hard and go and do a little bit of basic training....that is it.
    It is so rewarding I promise you.
    Cheers :drinkers:

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