Can you say Actinorhizal?

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    This is a new word just learned. Actinorhizal plants (like elaeagnus, alnus and casuarina) join with an actinobacteria (very common life form this one), actinomycetes in particular to symbiotically produce nitrogen. Kind of like legumes and rhizobia.

    Some people believe that these trees use a fungus to fix nitrogen. I suppose this misconception arises from the nature of the actinomycetes. You can guess from the name that their form is mycelia-like. A bacteria that looks like a fungus.

    Go figure.

    My question is this: Does anyone know whether I need to inoculate my seeds in New Zealand or does the soil just contain these things?

    As an aside, the bacteria that causes TB is an actinomycete. But I don't believe that it will help trees fix nitrogen.


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