Can future raspberry canes grow through a mound of clay?

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    I tried my best to explain in words, but to help explain, I have attached a picture to help illustrate my possible predicament.

    Scenario: We just transplanted out some raspberry canes into our raspberry rows on contour. Overtime the mounds have disintegrated onto the pathways. So after planting out the raspberry canes, it is then I decided to dig out the pathways, I may have got a little too deep (1/2 to 1 foot deep). The soil I dug out is hard thick clay (recent rain, now drying out as clumps) onto the raspberry mounds. I tried to arrange the clumps around the newly planted raspberry canes.

    Question: But then, because the canes are planted below the clay clumps, will new canes be able to grow though the clay clumps?

    Thanks for your expertise. I understand it would have made more sense to re-dig the pathways before planting the new canes, but you know, it's only till after you do something.....

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