Business for Sale: Change your Lifestyle - Downshift!

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    Business for Sale: Change your Lifestyle - Downshift!

    For Sale: PMN Carriers, Northcliffe.

    My folks have decided to sell up their transport business located in the south-west WA town of Northcliffe. This small operation would suit a working couple who are looking for a change in lifestyle or a better place to raise their kids. They have run this business as a husband-and-wife team for around 20 years and are well and truly ready for retirement.

    The business is based in Northcliffe and serves as both local courier, and transport agent for larger companies, for the towns of Northcliffe, Pemberton and Manjimup, a total run of less than 70km. The work is somewhat less than full time and leaves plenty of time for hobby-farming, golf, gardening or what-have-you.

    They run three vehicles at different times, a toyota Hi-Ace Diesel LWB van, a Merc 412D Sprinter Van and a ~4 tonne Isuzu pantec truck. They also have one part-time employee of a few years experience who does the Saturday morning run and any fill-in runs as required.

    All of the details needed to base a decision on will be available from the selling agent, obviously we don't know everything about the business, especially the financials, but if you're interested then reply here to discuss or PM me your details and I'll pass them on to the selling agent.

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