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    I"m convinced that the most important part of aborigines diet was meat of one sort or another. I don't think there is any lack of evidence or knowledge about what people used to survive on - well not in northern and desert parts of australia anyway.

    Most nomadic peoples of the world were hunter gatherers. Australia has an abundance of meat and we know the aborigines had lots of tools for hunting. As i said before I reckon the vegie part of the diet was mainly for a few vitamins and a bit of variety. They wouldn't have been the only culture where meat was far and away the most important part of hte diet either. Anyone ever read People of the Deer. A beautiful book hard to come by. Its about the the Nomadic people who hunted deer in the central parts of Canada and alaska. It was a harsh environment that seemed to grow pretty much nothing. It was a rocky desert. On the other hand, deer were in great abundance.

    About New Guinea. Its the first I heard that the New Guineans were in great good health before white man came. For all i know it could be true. If you ever read Tim Flannery's wonderful book Throw'im Way Leg, he describes the wretched state of some highlanders in a place where i don't think there were any missionaries. It was a while ago since i read that book so i can't remember the detail very well. That is not to say that i think western vegies are better than what they had before necessarily. On the basis of what i know (which is not so much) I am inclined to agree with Scott that it would be other factors of western culture that have destroyed their health and wellbeing.

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