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    I have a new job... =) I have spent the last few months developing a new social business called 'The Garden Gate'. It is part of community charity group based north of Brisbane (Qld-Australia) in Sandgate. 'SANDBAG is an acronym for Sandgate and Bracken Ridge Action Group. We are an independent community organisation with more than 100 members and have been a valued part of the North Brisbane community for more than twenty two years. We have no political or religious affiliations but we do have a strong commitment to further our social justice mission.'
    The business has been developed to help fund the community organisation's many great programs. The site for the new business is behind the main community centre's building. The nursery will also contain an organic cafe and some great spaces to come and hangout. I will be developing on going workshops and have been developing with my many organic industry contacts a good range of gardening products. While I will offer many main stream products/plants (but not all...), Permaculture plants and products will also be on offer. I also hope to develop a pop up shop element to the business I can showcase local artisans and/or small scale local businesses. Contact me if you are interested.
    The Nursery grand opening is on Saturday the 28th February, with a formal opening at 10am.
    Normal nursery hours are:
    830am - 1pm Thursday
    830am - 1pm Friday
    700am - 3pm Saturday
    700am - 3pm Sunday
    The Garden Gate 153 Rainbow Street Sandgate, Brisbane The website once complete will be we will also have a facebook page up soon too.
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    Congratulations baz.

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