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    To: Participants in the Permaculture Discussion Form

    The Interfaith Peacebuilding and Community Revitalization (IPCR) Initiative now has a new website (at This new website makes accessible many recently created documents, and many previously unpublished documents, and provides references to a variety of resources relating to peacebuilding, community revitalization, and ecological sustainability.

    I am writing to you to because I believe there are resources available at the website of The IPCR Initiative which may be useful to your efforts. This letter is my invitation to you to visit the new website of The IPCR Initiative at

    As starting points for exploring the IPCR website, I recommend the following IPCR documents:

    “An Assessment of the Most Difficult Challenges of Our Times” (31 pages)
    “Peacebuilding in its Most Compassionate Form” (41 pages, including notes and references)
    The IPCR Journal/Newsletter Fall 2007-2008 (16 pages)
    (which is an introduction to the new IPCR website)

    There are many important initiatives which are critical to overcoming the challenges of our times, but which are not quite “coming through the mist as much as they should be.”

    What can we do—at this particular point in time—in the everyday circumstances of our lives—to bring the best ideas from the storehouses of accumulated wisdom now accessible to us and “through the mist”, so that our community building processes will be most effective in helping us overcome the challenges of our times?

    The IPCR Initiative believes there are countless numbers of “things people can do in the everyday circumstances of their lives” which will contribute to peacebuilding, community revitalization, and ecological sustainability efforts, in their own communities and regions—and in other parts of the world… and which are an answer to the above question.

    All IPCR documents can be downloaded for free, or requested as an attachment to an e-mail (at no cost).

    I welcome any comments, recommendations, suggestions, etc. which may assist The IPCR Initiative in being most useful in these challenges times.

    With Kind Regards,

    Stefan Pasti, Founder and Outreach Coordinator
    The IPCR Initiative

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