Brief introduction of TERNPC

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    1、 Brief introduction of TERNPC
    “The technique of efficient & rapid non-test tube plant clone”(TERNPC) is a completely new system for rapid plant propagation, first invented by Professor Li Changxiao. Through a long-time practice, it has been proved to be an important breakthrough both in the tube rapid plant propagation of modern biotechnology and in the conventional seedling-breeding technique that has been used by mankind for nearly 2000 years.

    2、 Characteristics of TERNPC
    The most significant characteristics of TERNPC can be described as low cost, rapid speed, high efficiency, considerable benefit and easily reaching large scale. This technology keeps the advantage of tissue culture and conventional ways. At the same time, it overcomes the disadvantages of them.

    3、 The introduction of the inventor of TERNPC
    Professor Li Changxiao is praised as "The great master of green-coping" by the mass media at home and abroad. He is now the executive director of China Hi-new Technology Industrialization Research Association, member of the standing committee of the Hi-new Technical Expertise Committee of China Agricultural Technology Spreading Association, executive director of China Quality Inspection Association, chairman of the board of Ningxia Kelong Industry Company, head of Ningxia Kelong Bioengineering Development Research Institute. He has published more than 30 articles of researching, of which "the Technique of Efficient & Rapid Non-tube Plant Clone" is an example. He is one of the home scientists who began, earlier than others, to work on the research and development related to biotechnology. He is the first man, at home and abroad, who advanced the idea that "Rapid propagation is both a leading and a high efficient industry", and he is a famous scientific and technical industrialist who initiates and puts "the rapid propagation industry" into practice personally

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