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    Hi all...

    I'm just after some books, willing to pay as I need them for Uni next year.

    1. Harvey, M S & Yen, A L 1989 Worms to Wasps: An Illustrated Guide to Australia’s Terrestrial Invertebrates
    2. Read, I G 1994 The Bush: A Guide to the Vegetated Landscapes of Australia 2nd edn
    3. Recher, H F, Lunney, D & Dunn, I 1992 A Natural Legacy: Ecology in Australia 2nd edn
    4. Mackenzie, A, Ball, AS, & Virdee, SR, 2001, 2nd ed. Instant Notes in Ecology Bios
    5. Wilson, J 1988 Changing Agriculture: an Introduction to Systems Thinking

    Please PM if you can help out :)

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