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Discussion in 'General chat' started by ave a go, Jun 2, 2008.

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    Hi All,

    It has not even been 12 months since I first even heard the word 'permacultre', but ever since I have had a huge interest and read plenty of stuff online, as well as a few books, a couple of times over (Permacaulture Home Garden, Intro to Permaculture and Principals & Pathways Beyond Sustainability) . It all just seemed to make sense to me. so I thought I might as well go and do a PDC.

    Well, now I have booked and paid for the course, and now I am feeling as if I don't know enough to do the course :?

    Am I just worrying about nothing, or should I be doing more research prior to the course?

    Appreciate you thoughts and comments.
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    Re: Booked my PDC

    Hey Matt,

    Great! You won't regret it and all you need to bring is your open mind and quick wit (especially if Darren Doherty is your instructor :lol: ). You know more than enough with all of your reading and time spent here. The PDC isn't so much about knowing a lot of details as it is about concepts and how to apply them (although there are plenty of details to illustrate each point!). Although almost everyone brought a laptop computer to the PDC I attended, I brought only a notebook and easily filled it in the two weeks. The laptop would have been a distraction I didn't need. We spent in excess of ten hours each day learning with plenty of discussion time at meals, then many stayed for more discussion later into the evenings. I spent evenings reading the Design Manual relative to the day's topics. It was full immersion, focused study and we all loved it.

    I think that the PDC was one of the best things I've ever done and I'm sure you will too.

    Bill (9anda1f)

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