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    Jun 26, 2003
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    I just watched a show on SBS about Biomimicry. It presented interviews and ideas from Janine Benyus and showed working examples of how overcultivated areas were regenerated.

    Here are some snippets I found on the Internet:

    "Biomimicry's new perspective on nature treats it as a source of knowledge fit for imitation. Benyus points out that humans are relatively new comers onto the world scene, and have much to gain by observing and leaning from nature, instead of continuing the current senseless exploitation and expansion. The numerous examples of Biomimicry projects in: agriculture, health, materials and energy production, and computers indicate a positive outlook on the potential for these inspiring principles."

    "Biomimicry recognizes the value of learning from nature, Permaculture articulates a comprehensive design strategy based on knowledge gained through observing the patterns in nature."


    BTW, I am currently reading "Travels In Dreams" - Bill Mollisons autobiography - an interesting and insightful read.

    cheers for now
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    Hi Derek,

    I watched that show last night too.... that was the one presented by David Suzuki right?!?

    One of the ppl whose work in regeneration of the prairies was Wes Jackson, an author i have heard of but who's titles are only available from the US from all my searches. His work on Perennial crop production is absorbing when compared to our monoculture annual crop mentality!

    A fella whos work he mentioned was Wendell Berry, one of the authors who's book i just purchased from His thoughts, observations, views and essays on farming from around the world are a great and thoughtful read.

    These, and others, seem to be doing some very impressive work.... nice to see it's getting some good coverage in 'mainstream'(if you can call SBS mainstream that is) media.

    I liked the questions on mimicing the forests ability to heal, convert the suns energy through photosynthesis and chlorophyl as being the basis of what our farming practices should also be copying if we are to get real solutions to our current and continuing enviromental decay.

    The show helped me to see that we can be encouraged by the efforts, the goals and principles of Permaculture that we are trying to achieve in our own lives of one where we can see hope rather than all the doom and gloom and pointless aspirations of the economy that we currently have.

    Thanks for sharing Derek.... as i like to say "sharing is caring" :laugh:


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