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    Dec 21, 2008
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    G,day All.

    Just to let all know in the Sth West of W.A that the Blackwood Basin Group (BBG) Boyup Brook branch hold some good workshops on helping atchieve sustainable systems for your property large or small as part of there environmental management systems (EMS), I just recently attended a workshop on bushland assesment and care with two great guest speakers and it was a great day of sharing knowledge and a good turn out of people from accross the community spectrum, I recommend any of these workshops and EMS provided by the BBG, I have been meaning to get along to even one of these workshops and finaly did and was not dissapointed.
    All those in the Blackwood catchment area (South West of Western Australia) that are interested in learning good land stuardship should attend these workshops, I recommend.

    Adios, McAlinden Man.

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