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    Best country for living in awarded to France for fifth year

    January 2010

    France has once again taken top honours in the 2010 Quality of Life Index for the fifth consecutive year, edging out Australia, Switzerland and Germany, while the United States saw one of its biggest drops.

    International Living's Quality of Life Index is compiled through rankings in the nine categories of Cost of Living (15% of final ranking), Culture and Leisure (10%), Economy (15%), Environment (10%), Freedom (10%), Health (10%), Infrastructure (15%), Safety and Risk (10%), and Climate (10%).

    France received an average score of 82, just edging out Australia, Switzerland and Germany with an average of 81. Rounding out the top five was New Zealand with a score of 79.

    Hotel et Chateau Cite

    International Living's top 10 countries read as:

    1. France

    2. Australia

    3. Switzerland

    4. Germany

    5. New Zealand

    6. Luxembourg

    7. United States

    8. Belgium

    9. Canada

    10. Italy
    We need more French migrants. Have they any leaky boats?
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    get outa here (again)

    where are the scan countries? switzerland a scan country??? what about the rest....isn't there one called Scandinavia
    how does New Zealand get on the list?....and by extension....who voted, all the Kiwis living in australia? given there can't be any left on the island.

    Italy ! how?....were Italians excluded from the actual voting process.

    and what about Paraguay?.......surely.

    i must conclude that the data is frog propaganda with australia implicated ( is rudds wife french )


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