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    Hello People,

    Thank you to Geoff and Sindhu for creating yet another opportunity for pc folk to interact.

    Between October 4th and 19th Bendigo's first ever Permaculture Design Course will be held. The course is convened by the Salvation Army's Gravel Hills Gardens team and has an impressive line up of tutors and venues throughout the central victorian region. David Holmgren (Permaculture Co-originator - and Darren Doherty (Experienced Designer - head up the diverse teaching team.
    At only $AUD 800 this fully residential course promises to be a life changing event.

    For more information and/or to register please go to where you can download a program.

    This course is not registered with the Permaculture Institute - its intent is to focus on cool, temperate and semi arid climate zones and therefore would not satisfy the Permaculture Institute's registration criteria (no tropics).


    Darren Doherty

    Applied Diploma of Permaculture Design, (Education, Site Design, System Establishment & Implementation) Permaculture Institute (1995)

    Permaculture Design Certificate, Permaculture Institute (1993, 1995, 2001)

    Whole Farm Planning Certificate (Train the Trainer), University of Melbourne (1995)

    principal consultant @

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