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    An Eight Day Intensive for Creative Facilitators
    28 November to 5 December 2007
    Bega, NSW

    Delivered by Robin Clayfield and Virginia Solomon. Coordinated by the Far South Coast Community College in partnership with David Foreman and Associates.


    This Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (Cert IV TAA) course consists of an Eight Day Intensive followed by distance education assignments completed over three months. Upon successful completion, participants obtain the qualification TAA40104 Certification IV in Training
    and Assessment. The course is auspiced by David J Foreman and Associates.

    The Course Designers

    This version of Cert IV TAA has been designed by Permaculture educators and facilitators, Robin Clayfield of Earthcare Education and Janet Millington of Permaculture Noosa Incorporated. Applying her Dynamic Groups Creative Facilitation approach, Robin has been involved in teaching Cert IV TAA (and its forerunner, Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment) for the last three years.

    Course Background

    Because teachers of accredited training in Australia require Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Robin Clayfield and Janet Millington designed this particular Cert IV TAA course for those wanting to be involved in the delivery of Accredited Permaculture Training (APT™). Using creative, interactive learning methods, Robin found that people from other industries were interested in completing the course, so she revised the course to be more generic. Throughout this Cert IV TAA program, training in the industries of Permaculture and Community Services are used as examples.

    Participants in previous courses have included Community Development Workers, Art Therapists, Nurses, Counsellors, Trainers in Human Services, Social Workers, Massage Therapists, Horticulturalists, School Teachers, Chefs, Community Gardeners, T.A.F.E. Trainers, Environmental
    Education Teachers and many Permaculture Trainers. This Cert IV TAA is ideally suited to those working in creative, community, healing and sustainability industries.

    Course Structure and Content

    The course consists of three parts:

    • Eight Day Intensive – Part 1 (3.5 days, 9am-5.30pm plus some evening sessions): Covers all the assessment competencies and the skills and information needed to work within Vocational Education and Training (VET). It is delivered in a creative, interactive and practical way so participants more easily grasp and remember the information.

    • Eight Day Intensive – Part 2 (4.5 days, 9am-5.30pm plus sessions each night): Focuses on learning design, delivery and facilitation. The delivery will be in the context of Robin Clayfield’s ‘Dynamic Groups’ model of creative facilitation. Participants will take part

    • Take Home Assignments – Part 3 (three months): Four extensive homework projects must be submitted three months after the completion of the initial Eight Day Intensive. Students must ensure that they have adequate time to work on these assignments over the three month period. Support processes are in place to ensure that participants complete the work in the required time frame.

    The course covers the fourteen Cert IV TAA Units of Competency

    Part 1 of the Eight Day Intensive is delivered by Virginia Solomon. Virginia Solomon was a member of the Reference Group that developed the Accredited Permaculture Training Courses. She currently teaches permaculture and horticulture at an outer-Melbourne secondary school (Eltham). Virginia has a background in vocational training, landscape design and permaculture teaching/design as well as training trainers to expand this work.

    Part 2 of the Eight Day Intensive is delivered by course co-designer, Robin Clayfield. Since doing the first Women’s Permaculture Design Course in Australia in 1983 Robin has been active convening and facilitating groups using creative, interactive learning methods, designing and consulting for local landholders, saving forests and growing food. Having settled at Crystal Waters Permaculture Village in 1988 she became actively involved in the development of the community as well as other co-operative groups within the Maleny area. She has been a staff member and trustee of Maleny L.E.T.System for over 18 years and has run the Business of Earthcare Education for 14 years learning many different skills.

    Ph/Fax: 02 6492 0052 | Email: [email protected] | Web:

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