Banana trees in the Nevada desert

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    Hello all,
    I am living on a large, established organic orchard and would like to introduce banana trees to our land. They should do well in our climate zone, however I have no experience with banana growing at all. I am in climate zones 8a - 9a

    I am seeking any advice one could give me.

    I would like to purchase just four trees, of two different varieties. I was thinking of Musa 'Dwarf Orinoco' type, and Musa Double Mahoi. Any one have any experience with these two types?

    I plan on ordering from, and even though the prices are a little higher than other sites i've seen, I believe the trees are more developed when you get them.

    I plan on creating very large planters for each invidual tree to provide them with the soil they need, to thrive in this area.

    So, any advice?


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