Bamboo for bank stabilization

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    Hi all I am looking for a bamboo that would be suitable for bank stabilization. I am on the Central Coast of NSW around 100km north of Sydney. I am a little away from the coast so we do get the odd light frost in winter. The bank I am hoping to stabilize is a steep batter behind my shed roughly 2 metres in height. It is on the southern side of the shed so it receives very little winter sun. The soil is a yellow clay above sandstone. The batter has already eroded in several places so I am looking for a fast growing bamboo to prevent this. I don't mind if it is running or clumping, just whichever provides better stabilization. It shouldn't grow more than 4 metres although 2-3 metres would be better. It will also have to be fairly drought tolerant once established.

    Any suggestions wise souls of the forum?
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    Don't go running unless you have mitigated the risk behind the bank as it will spread faster than you can manage and, in some cases, be unstoppable. Think wet area, cattle, root barrier etc.

    Bamboo is slow to get going so I would go a multi-pronged approach. A heap of Lomandra and then pick your bamboo species. Oldhamii is a general purpose bamboo but I'm not sure which is best for bank stabilisation.

    Plenty of Bamboo sites around, email a few:

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