balcony garden design facilitator wanted, Sat, Nov 10, Melb.

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    Looking for someone to work as balcony garden design facilitator, as part of my permaculture balcony garden display team for a community festival. You will be helping the others set everything up, wormfarm, hanging herb gardens, greywater recycling gadgets, etc, then encoraging festival-goes to come and try designing their own 'verandah of Eden'. You will help them arrange elements of a balcony eco-system, and help them with pencils, scissors and glue to make something they can proudly put on their fridge, and maybe even get around to creating.

    I'm looking for someone who is good at teaching, designing, leading other to do amazing things, getting others to have fun. Drawing skills and a car a plus. and hopefully, someone who will be able to work with us in future, as Melbourne needs all the permaculture/water saving inspriation it can get.

    please email me for more information, with a phone number. I won't be able to be there on the day, as I am overseas.
    Enjoy my balcony garden blog:
    Cecilia Macaulay

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