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    So, …….. its been suggested that we "stop fiddling at the edges", try to move more centre-stage, and start putting together some useful views, opinions, information.
    Markos has got the ball rolling on biofuels and has recommended that we all read David Holmgren’s "Pathways ……..", which is a bit of a problem if you don’t have a copy and the piggy-bank is looking a bit thin at the moment.
    However, you can download a free 20 page overview prepared by David Holmgren from his web-site www.holmgren.com.au I think he’s calling it "Essence of Permaculture".
    The general idea is that anyone interested reads the overview, so we have some semblance of a common understanding, then we make a start. People with full copies, Markos, eco4560, etc., may like to help-out with more detail if we get stuck!
    I don’t know where this is leading or what we will achieve, however, in the true spirit of the old Chinese saying, "Even the longest journey starts with the first step":)

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