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    I set up a vermiculture system about 2 years ago and have been very pleasantly surprised by my garden’s response. I set up a 50-gallon drum which I originally watered with a gallon of water every day. It seemed to work and 2 summers have allayed any fears that the heat (~95F/35C) would kill off the worms. They’ve done well and last year I added the worm farm to my automated irrigation system. I used four of the adjustable drip heads and set the system to deliver between 1 and 2 gallons of water morning and evening. The amount didn’t seem to matter and the worm population exploded. I’ve now added a second bin. The only work now is emptying kitchen/garden waste into the bin and watering my plants with the outflow collected in a bucket. B20E073D-8C27-4A39-8517-8ED031B7F0A1.jpeg I’ve now added a second drum and plan to direct the outflow to one of my fruit trees so all I have to do is add worm food.
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