Australia's National Food Plan - Preparing an EHO Food Safety/Poisoning Perspective !

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    Environmental Health Officers and anyone else interested in food quality and food safety at a local level might be interested that typically about a quarter of the Australian population suffers an occurance of gastric illness food poisoning each year.

    Many people poison themselves by not washing their hands etc, but some poisonings are happening on an industrial scale.

    Only about 1 in 1000 cases are ever officially reported.

    How do we uphold higher levels of food quality and food safety without driving people into the "industrial" food markets with all the long term social, environmental and public health implications this might have? How do we set up better food poisoning reporting systems that automate the sorting of text messages and emails into useful data to help EHO and businesses get early warnings that something may have gone wrong and could be poisoning people?

    Go and read the background at...

    Then come back and comment on this tread but don't forget to start your response with the nominated "Question X." you are answering so it makes it easier to compile the results but feel free to add general comments also.

    As food supplies become more expensive or threatened then quality may suffer and corners cut with consequences many people are not aware of. In hard times it is often the cleaners that are first to be sacked or have their hours cut.

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