Australian Famers Need Microbe Knowledge

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    Agriculture in Australia needs to be resourceful and economically viable to be competitive and to sustain farmer’s livelihoods. Their production methods are far from environmentally friendly and sustainable.
    Australia’s agricultural community has primarily been economically viable however, they have not been resourceful nor have they used environmentally friendly farming practices. These unsustainable practices are leading to destruction of the land and will not lead to agricultural betterment. Many systems used today were to improve yield but the upshot is that now the input costs are higher and they will continue to rise.
    The Australian government has promoted export orientated agricultural systems in a bid to increase Australia’s exports while the agricultural chemical companies have promoted high input for increased yields. However, the environmental and economic effects of these promotions have resulted in the retardation of the country's agricultural sector. To be blunt, poor farm management techniques and excessive use of agricultural chemicals has resulted in soil degradation.
    It is becoming increasingly clear that Australian farming practices is seriously unsound. The unsustainable practices of old-fashioned agriculture is manifesting itself in terms of static or declining yields, increasing land degradation, and worsening rural economic conditions.
    Today’s agriculture practices require the use of inapt technologies characterized by excessive use of chemical inputs. In addition, this extreme use of chemical inputs has resulted in declining soil fertility.
    Social problems such as family disputes over farm resource use, family exodus and family breakdown, have been exacerbated by today’s high chemical requisite run agriculture. Proficient agricultural economies have been broken up as farmers were hoodwinked into producing crops for export markets by agriculture chemical companies. Additional, high use of external inputs such as bank finance, machinery, fossil fuels, and agricultural chemicals has put farmers under extreme personal and economic pressure.
    Microbes Are The Answer
    Microbes are the answer to most of their shortcoming however there are a lot of charlatans in Australia that are simply lying to the farmers. They lie about the potency and capabilities of their products other either lie or simply don’t know about microbes, but they are misinforming the farmers.
    A friend of mine went to a soil-workshop and the speaker told the farmers that microbes are good but one will have to wait 3-5 years to see any benefit – If I don’t see benefits within 1-2 weeks after applying quality microbes then I know someone has done something wrong.
    It is my belief that Australia could increase its production by at least 20% and reduce the chemical inputs by 50%.
    Australia can do so much better but the many shysters are dirtying the water for other honest people trying to help.

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