Attempting Permaculture in Mudgee NSW

Discussion in 'General chat' started by Rubyrose, Apr 12, 2008.

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    I have been reading this forum for ages and now I can finally ask questions!!
    We live on a largish suburban block in Mudgee, are disgusted with the way the Earth is being treated and so are developing our own little slice of permaculture heaven.
    We have a proper veg garden in the pipeline, previously it was just plant whatever wherever! Now it will be in actual beds so we can increase yeild in a limited space and free ourselves from tasteless store bought veg.We have a few fruit and citrus trees as well.
    I so love being able to get what I need to cook a meal for my family from my garden, just that makes them taste better!!
    I have learned heaps from this site and am looking forward to learning more...
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    Re: Attempting Permaculture in Mudgee NSW

    Hi Dakota,

    Have you heard of Milkwood Permaculture. They are out your way and run a lot of good courses.

    Cheers Kathleen :mrgreen:

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