Are we being Ripped blind ?

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    Ok at coles doing the shopping (As for us that can't be self sustainable just yet , or even half)

    I go to the vegie isle... $3.00 for HALF A ROCKMELON, $1.28 per KG of WATERMELON. $9.99 per KG of lettuce leaves...... $2 each for over ripe HASS AVACARDOS.......

    No wonder people buy tinned crap and pre-cooked dinners.
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    Whilst we may find it offensive to pay such high prices for fresh produce I believe we must consider what the producer recieves out of the bargain not to mention the embodied energy cost. Whatever the production method, the terms of trade for producers are crap and the retailer is the price setter, this is a situation that will not improve.

    The question then is: "what is the real price of the half a canteloupe" when one considers the subsidised embodied energy expended during production and the food miles attached by the time it has travelled from Chinchilla to Horsham in refridgerated transport. Add to this the environmental costs of the production system, the high, but still artificial price of water, and its looking a lot more than $3.

    Avocadoes are expensive largely because they require good (well drained, deep soil and expensive) land, are hand picked using a cherry picker (great fun but not fast).

    What's the go then: Eat local food produced in season, grow your own where possible, well support local farmers directly at farmers markets and/or community supported agriculture (CSA's), and preserve the local seasonal abundance (local fruits, vegies etc. @ 2 days work for 500 odd bottles worth of stuff).

    I constantly question people when they buy lettuce, when it is just, along with a lot of our picking greens, a cultivated weed, and as such is a pinch to grow. I am never at home and have not planted a lettuce, rocket, asian greens etc for years and yet my kitchen garden is overloaded with them: they are my weeds.

    This year I have spent a total of 10 hours in our two kitchen gardens (one 10m2 raised beds(700mm high) picking greens/herbs outside kitchen door and 30m2 keyhole maincrop garden), and we do not buy any greens at all. We will also have enough tomatoes for the whole year (sauce, bottled etc), pumpkins etc, etc. plus whatever the rockmelons produce without my close attention (as I'm here in Viet Nam not Bendigo). The total cost of seedlings was about $50 and even at my highest level consulting rate of $66/hour I will still be in front and will have a smaller footprint than most.

    We all can only do what we can - but there are certainly heaps of ways to get more money directly into producers pockets as well as supplement our food purchases with domestic production.



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