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    Nick Romanowski will be conducting two Aquaculture workshops in Apollo Bay(Southwest Victoria, Australia).

    The first will be on Tuesday August 14th, 2007 and will cover the basics of Aquaculture, and how to get started with an onsite practical design exercise.
    The second workshop will be on Thursday November 22nd, 2007 and will be an advanced aquaculture workshop with a field trip to Nick Romanowski’s place and nursery “Dragonfly Aquatics”. As many established permaculturalists would know, this is a rare opportunity. Nick is not only a wealth of knowledge and practical experience, he is also an excellent teacher.

    Please book in as soon as possible to make sure you don’t miss out.
    Email Fern: or phone: 0425 710 380

    His most recent and 9th book, “Sustainable Freshwater Aquaculture” is the most complete, accessible and affordable guide to freshwater aquaculture in Australia and can be obtained from UNSW press

    This book covers all of the basics from the perspectives of both backyarders and commercial growers. It also emphasizes sustainable use of resources, and just how little more it would take to make freshwater aquaculture fully sustainable. Starting from the design and construction of many types of ponds and dams, the book details water quality issues, enhancing production through aeration, filtration and water treatment wetlands, food and feeding, breeding and propagating aquatic animals and plants, and polyculture (mixing fish, crustaceans, other animals and plants for greater yields). It even describes how to learn the basics of aquaculture by keeping and breeding aquarium fish on a small scale and for a profit! Across its wide-ranging explanation and discussion, the book retains its focus on two key themes – sustainability and profitability.

    Sustainable Freshwater Aquaculture is a beautifully illustrated book that contains over 80 colour photos and many line drawings. It is a complete revision of the author’s landmark 1994 title Farming Ponds and Dams, which was reprinted twice and was the best-selling aquaculture book of the 1990s, and is designed as a companion volume to Planting Wetlands and Dams (which has also been reprinted twice).

    For those who don’t know, Nick Romanowski is a biologist who has worked with aquatic plants and animals for well over thirty years, from managing a wholesale aquarium to commercial breeding and propagation. He has written extensively on wetlands and plants for habitat and water treatment, and has a particular interest in the environmental impacts of aquaculture.

    Earlier books include a best-selling Australian guide to freshwater aquaculture, as well as guides to wetland creation, planting and diverse aquatic plant groups. He has also written for many magazines and journals, including series on aquaculture for Grassroots and Permaculture Edge. Romanowski’s previous titles include Gardening with Carnivores (UNSW Press and University Press of Florida, both editions 2002); Water Garden Plants and Animals: The Complete Guide for all Australia (UNSW Press, 2000); Planting Wetlands and Dams: A Practical Guide to Wetland Design, Construction and Propagation (UNSW Press, 1998); and Farming in Ponds and Dams: An Introduction to Freshwater Aquaculture in Australia (Lothian Books, 1994).

    David Holmgren (co-originator of the permaculture concept) makes the following comments about Nick’s most recent book:
    “Drawing on decades of experience and knowledge, Nick Romanowski provides a practical and no-nonsense guide to freshwater aquaculture that doesn’t use excessive water and non-renewable resources, nor damage the local environment. Romanowski identifies the options for system design and species selection, with the benefits and the pitfalls: a good primary reference for Australian permaculture designers and practitioners.”

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