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    21st April to 25th May
    Instructors: Rico Zook & Roman Eisenkoelbl, plus Local Guest Instructors
    Can Lliure, Spain
    While each course can be taken independently, this is an opportunity to have a deep, comprehensive and hands-on learning experience with a combined course approach that provides the foundational learning in permaculture and regenerative design, paired with a 5 week hands-on permaculture application, with additional hours for advanced design practice and learning.

    During the 5 Week Internship combined workshop, you will get a chance to:
    • Receive a toolkit of comprehensive course materials covering all the different areas of permaculture design (printed playbook and digital files)
    • Gain an understanding of the principles of permaculture design, an in-depth introduction into water management and earthworks with hands-on projects specific to the site needs
    • Get Practical hands-on experience of implementing a Permaculture Design.
    • Work together in a small group on a design project that you will present at the end of the course, with opportunities to do other individual system designs
    • Interact and network with participants and experienced instructors
    • Experience rural and farm living
    • Experience community with a shared vision and goal
    • Experience living & learning on a Permaculture site in its pioneer phase with lots of learning opportunities
    • Upon completion of the course curriculum and the group design work receive an 5-week Internship Certificate.
    Internship: 1750 Euro

    All Rates Includes Camping and all Food, Plus over 15gb of Data
    * There is a small per day fee if you stay on site in between courses

    Course time will consist of traditional lectures, guest presentations, group discussions, games, exercises, hands-on projects, photos, movies and site visits. While we will focus on land systems, many discussions and examples will be explored of applications in the 'Invisible Structures'. These are the social, cultural, political, and economic structures we create as humans that powerfully shape our world today.
    Class usually lasts from 9AM to 5PM, with tea breaks and lunch.
    The course will be conducted in English. All participants need a functional level of English in order to follow and contribute to classes, clarify doubts, collaborate in groups and present their group design project.

    5-week Internship
    This is a special opportunity to gain hands on experience implementing Permaculture systems under the guidance of experienced and internationally active Permaculture Designer Rico Zook. For one month we will live as a community designing, implementing and learning about the many different regenerative systems that are part of a functioning and productive holistic farm ecosystem. This is an in depth opportunity to live and work on a developing permaculture farm in the beautiful Pyrenees north of Barcelona Spain.
    The Can Lliure Project is in its pioneer phase and this gives us the incredible experience of real life hands-on practical Permaculture Learning in the field, mentored and guided by professionals.
    Invisible Structures & Design:
    This first week will set the solid foundation the 5 Week Permaculture in Practice Internship.Here we will have an overall look at our collaboratively created learning ecosystem.We will get a deeper look at the site itself and its Permaculture systems.We will refine the Can Lliure Design together, learn more about the invisible structures that strongly influence the success or failure of a permaculture project like social arrangements, legal, and finance.

    • Introduction to community living and collaborative decision making
    • How we organize ourselves living together for the next 4 weeks in a learning Ecosystem
    • Daily Farm Chores, Schedules and Projects outline
    • Presentation of the current state of Can Lliure Design and Vision
    • Design Sessions on the Strategic Design for Can Lliure,
    • The Invisible Structures understood and made Visible
    Water and Earthworks:

    All physical land systems are literally grounded in the earth. The Water and Earthwork aspect to macro scales of understanding about water and landscape for designing, working and shaping the earth as the foundation for regenerative systems; concurrently learning and understanding about how water interacts and affects the land, supports productive landscapes with human habitation, and its central role in resilience and regenerative system design.
    • Water: mineral, resource, living, precious and political
    • The watershed perspective
    • Patterning in water and earthworks
    • Keypoint and keylines: conceptual understandings and practical applications
    • Earth structures: hand-built and working with machines
    • Ponds: siting, construction, creating an ecosystem, full site perspective
    • Water in the built landscape, urban and suburban situations
    • Water and Infrastructure
    • Forest Garden design and implementation
    • Advanced Design strategies and technique
    Annual and Perennial Production Systems:
    With focus on our regenerative production landscapes we will dive deep into how to produce all our food needs in a regenerative way using annual and perennial species with the integration of suitable animals.This will give everyone the confidence that a regenerative way of producing food is possible in all climatic zones if we observe nature and work with her rather then against her. We will share with you several important design and implementation considerations in setting up such systems and also we will get a lot of time to actually practice in the field.

    • Establishing and designing of regenerative Agroecosystems,
    • Market Garden Design and Layout,
    • Intro to Syntropic Agroforestry and Forest Garden Systems,
    • Edible Landscaping,
    • Animal Integration into Production Landscapes
    Sustainable Forest Management and Economic, Social and Invisible Structures Design:
    Being surrounded by a big oak forest thats protected by the government we will have the opportunity to share with you about how to manage a forest ecosystem in a regenerative way.We also will talk about Fire Preparedness and Preventive Management Strategies as we are located in a Fire Prone Landscape.We will share with you some insights on Ecological Beekeeping and Ecological Mushroom Production.We also will have the chance to have a look once more at the Can Lliure Design and focus in from Pattern to Detail at the Economic and Social Landscape of the project
    • Ecological Beekeeping,
    • Ecological Mushroom Production,
    • Forest Health and Management,
    • Fire and Disaster Preparedness,
    • Design of Can Lliure Economic and Social Landscape

    Pictures of the site can be found here

    The current initial evolving site design of Can Lliure can be found here

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