Anyone use a Flame Weeder?

Discussion in 'Planting, growing, nurturing Plants' started by Wombat, Mar 12, 2012.

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    40 years or so ago Roundup was touted as being OK for organic growers and I have used it quite a bit - especially against rampant weeds on small acreage. With the recent findings and reading on here I have cut back and been looking for alternatives when I remembered the old blow torch flame thrower weeder I used 20 odd years ago. I found it buried in the junk in the back of the garage and pulled it out.

    I have given it a complete overhaul - new seals and washers lubricated the tap threads so they move easy and about to pressure test it before firing it up.

    Those that don't know the beast it is a sturdy tube about 3' long and 2" in diameter with a pump in on end to pressurize the kerosene fuel inside. The business end is separated by a control tap from the main body and is a burner tube 2" in diameter and about 1' long. The thing works like the old pump action blow torches and throws an intense flame about 2" long out the end.

    I used to use it to weed a gravel drive way but this will be just the thing to knock the Cobblers pegs on the head as it destroys seeds in a flash (pun intended) - No problem with spray drift and a quick pass wilts weeds and they die off - great for sterilizing soil if you wish it prevent competing seed germination as well.
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    Yes they used to be sold but perhaps RoundUp has killed their market
    Here is a commercial Version:-
    I wonder if the, now popular, household steam cleaners would work as well and perhaps be safer?
    kerosene painted on weeds also kills them. Not sure how organic that is or if there are many problems with it. Once, store bought carrots used to taste of it

    Here is agood article about weed control

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