Anyone here from NSW South-Western or North-Western slopes?

Discussion in 'General chat' started by rosewood, Jul 23, 2014.

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    My wife and I are planning to buy some land out on the western slopes of NSW to build a home, and graze a small herd of sheep/cattle part-time. We're set on somewhere around either the South-Western slopes (Cootamundra up through Cowra to Wellington) or North-Western slopes (Manilla up through Warialda in to Inverell) areas and around. We're not sure which yet

    Is there anyone on this board who lives out that way (or anywhere near it!) who might be willing to have me drop by for a quick chat?

    I'm heading out for a drive through these areas over the next couple of weeks and would be stoked if anyone would be willing to have me over - just to share a bit about your own experience, maybe give me a few pointers on the lay of the land, pitfalls to avoid...whatever!

    We are moving from coastal NSW and it's a bit daunting...would love to chat with anyone from these areas!

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