Any work in South/w Syd, or Southern highlands? Goulburn...

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    I am trying to find any work relating to permaculture, organic farming, livestock, orchard work, fruit picking, gardening, etc.

    I have been on disabilty for a fair while due to an illness and am desparately trying to get off it and find a job. I am finding it really hard, as it has been so long since I had a job no one will give me a chance. I can't drive as I have no licence which is also making things difficult.

    I am studying garden design and I plan to also study permaculture design and combine what I learn from both. I may also be taking on horticulture cert 1, 2 and 3 via TAFE distance ed.

    If anyone out there in the areas between south west sydney and goulburn can offer anything or just some advice on where I can look I would be most grateful thanks. Even one or two days a week would make a big difference to me as most of my money is going on rent right now and times are tough.

    I get an occasional day at the local garden centre, I have done some cafe work and I have done a few odd landscape labouring jobs.

    I can paint, use a post driver, plant fruit trees, made organic vege gardens, know a fair bit about plants and herbs... I keep and breed chooks, I have kept and cared for horses and ponies and I have a lot of experience with dogs.

    I have a lot of skills just not many refferences or qualifications. And I can't drive. I need a job first so it kind of creates a catch 22.

    I would consider moving to work... however it would need to be a property where I can bring my animals and plants with me and live as I do here. My life has grown around my 5 acre plot so it is difficult to shift it.
    It would all easily fit on 1-2 acres (less without the pony) if anyone has a bigger property with a caravan site or old cottage and wouldn't mind me putting up a dog run and a place for my chooks and veges.
    I also have a pony, she dosn't eat alot... but I will sell her if I have to.

    I am fairly flexible and open to negotiating if it means I might get some paid work.


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