Announcing: Australian Compost & Compost Tea Soil Symposium

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    Byron Bay 13 March 2006

    Australian Soil Additives & Products, in association with the Soil Foodweb Institute proudly presents international sustainable land-use and agricultural specialist, Research Director and President of the Soil Foodweb Inc., Dr Elaine Ingham on her 2006 Australian tour. This will be a seminar education event, only available to selected guests.

    Dr Ingham will work directly with growers and agronimists to address the practicalities of integrating soil microbiological management into economically viable and sustainable agricultural production.

    With SFI, ASAP is committed to improving our most valuable commodities: our people, our economy, our soil and water. Primary sponsor, ASAP is dedicated to distribution, education and management in the area of sustainable development.
    RSVP to Australian Soil Additives & Products by 7 March (Phone: (02) 6688 2324)

    Through this one-day symposium, guests will:

    * Gain a practical insight into how beneficial microbial life improves soil and plant health, and reduces the risk of disease, and of insect attack, through a variety of composting applications
    * Explore compost tea testing and evaluation methods required for profitable crop and soil management. Specific business cases will be presented to show the economic reality.
    * Learn how to correlate soil and plant nutrients to signs and symptoms of the crop, then develop a plan of action for composting or composting tea suitable for various sites. View a tested new, portable brewer.
    * See how a soil microbiology approach - with strong agricultural design - can see lasting and profitable changes to your enterprise.

    This will be a fast-paced evidence-based, invitation only seminar lead by Dr Elaine Ingham.

    Agricultural design specialist, Geoff Lawton will also present along with successful growers to highlight key experiences over the past 5 years.

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