Alternatives to chemotherapy during pregnancy

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    I realise this topic isn't strictly permacultural, but permaculturists are people who are constantly researching, particularly into alternatives to the way things have always been done, so here goes.. A friend of mine has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and the following day was diagnosed as newly pregnant (she's now 7 weeks). She doesn't yet have children but wants them. The tumour has been removed and there was no sign of cancer in the surrounding tissue or the nearest lymph node, nor is the tumour oestrogen receptive (i.e. oestrogen doesn't make the cancer grow). All this is good news and the surgeons say she MIGHT be cured already. However, chemotherapy is recommended as it reduces the risk of recurrence by 30%. Unfortunately it also harms a developing baby, and carries a 30% chance of early menopause. My friend is faced with the agonising decision of postponing or not having chemo in order to have the baby, or terminating her pregnancy and having chemo straight away to improve her own survival prospects, but risking early menopause. What I'd like to know is whether anyone has had personal experience of the combination of cancer and pregnancy, or is aware of any published work on the subject, which might help her to weigh up her options. PLEASE DON'T POST ANY REPLY TO THIS FORUM -
    EMAIL ME INSTEAD. Thanks for your help.
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    sorry, dont have your email, but can get me at [email protected] if you still need some info. yes i am a midwife.

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