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    Just found this site ... abases.asp :: Searches

    The search engine is a bit 'hit or miss', but the info looks solid (inc Reading list).

    Site Map

    : What is Agroforestry?
    :: Agroforestry use
    :: Our Role
    : About us
    :: Our Centre
    :: Organisational Chart
    :: 2004 Annual Report
    :: Board of Trustees
    :: Senior Leadership Team
    :: Staff List
    : Themes
    :: Introduction
    :: Trees & markets
    :: Strengthening Institutions
    :: Land & People
    :: Environmental Services
    : Support units
    :: Research Support
    :: Training
    ::: Education Networks
    :::: ANAFE
    :::: SEANAFE
    ::: Farmers of the Future
    :::: The Situation
    :::: Background
    :::: Characteristics
    :::: Approach
    :::: Training
    :::: Research
    :::: Publications
    :::: More info
    ::: Individual Training
    ::: New Training Material
    :::: Improved Fallows
    :::: Tree Propagation
    ::: Special Courses
    :::: Courses Calender
    :::: The Nyeri Workshop
    :: Communications
    :: GRU
    :: Human Resources
    :: Finance
    :: Information Technology
    : Information Resources
    :: Agroforestry Glossary
    ::: A-B
    ::: C
    ::: D-F
    ::: G-J
    ::: K-M
    ::: N-P
    ::: R-S
    ::: T-V
    ::: W-Z
    :: Agroforestry Databases
    :: Information Technology
    :: 2003 Publications
    :: Key Publications
    :: Agroforestry in Action
    :: Annual Reports
    :: Library
    : News & Events
    :: The Centre in the Media
    :: News Archives
    :: Calender of Events
    :: African Humid Tropics
    :: Eastern & Central Africa
    :: Latin America
    :: Sahel
    :: Southern Africa
    :: South Asia
    :: Southeast Asia

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    Yep, it's a great resource Gnoll - been using it for years now and learned a lot of terrific stuff along the way.

    IMO, the only thing you have to take into account as you digest the massive amount of info from the databases, is that it's pretty focused on commercial agroforestry. Permaculture practices do change a few of the parameters a fair bit - especially if you're doing things on quite a small scale.

    Happy's one of those wonderful sites you can never exhaust in a lifetime.
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    Good site and not one I had run across before.

    Interestingly, there is a link for 'when oil grows from trees'. Jatropha is one of the great northern weeds in Oz.

    I have a neighbour in his 80s who owned a station in the 50s near Ayers Rock that was selected by the Israeli govt to grow Jatropha for oil. Ultimately the purchase didnt succeed because the place was 'too big' and didnt have any boundary fences. Bernie was never one to over-capitalise on fencing especially when it might keep the neighbour's stock out...:)

    He did mention that he didnt know much about politics but he ''figured it was better off to sell cheap to them 'Izz-ray-lees' than have 'em as neighbours'.

    Bernie lives very comfortably now in a shed. Everything is constructed out of 2'', 4'' and 6'' waterpipe/bore casing. Did I mention Bernie worked for Water Resources for a while?

    I once asked for his advice on the name of a smallish plant I had found growing luxuriantly in the harsh northern dry season. He said, 'Son if it looks like that at this time of year it is either poisonous or introduced.'!!

    He is a wonderful character and a cherished neighbour.


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