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    Hi, I did a PDC in 1990 (2nd generation, ie taught by people taught by Bill Mollison, and partly at his place). I've since gone into research, doing a PhD in landscape ecology and have just started work as an ag systems modelling lecturer and thought in might be interesting cross-fertilisation to post what I'm up to here. It's mainstream ag, but I consider myself a conservation scientist, and the goal is to reduce the gap between conventional ag and agecology.

    So my first day and I've been asked to be on a Landcare panel on agecology, so that will be interesting.

    I'm also taking GDRC best management practices for grain production and running them through a water-use profitability tool to estimate the profitability of different crops and management practices for different water availability.

    I'm also going to be supervising a PhD student who is working on the goal of red meat production in Australia to go carbon neutral by 2030.

    I'm new to all of this, so it will be a steep learning curve. There's much more, but enough for now. Is it ok to keep posting to this thread?

    Rowan Eisner
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