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    Hi everyone,
    I need some advice please. Permaculture is totally unknown in Namibia. :n: I work for a NGO for orphans and vulnerable children that is going to introduce permaculture in schools with very poor kids.:y:
    Is anybody having advice for us where we can look for funding for this project?
    We are talking about 6 schools and there is a possibility to let Food and Trees for Africa come and do training for us here. They have extensive experience in this in South Africa. The cost is however quite high, and therefor we need to raise funds.
    Please!! If anyone has advice?
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    Its sounds like a wonderful project. I am sorry i don't have any sure advice. Just keep networking. Lots of letter writing. And websearching. And proposals. Just blitz them all.

    You could try writing to Lonelyplanet - the travel organisation. They used to provide funding to all sorts of organisation all over the world. They may still do. You just need to make sure you write a good proposal. I know one organisation in India who received funding from them.

    Try unicef. Try any type of NGO you can think of and especially target those who work for children.

    Also write to any environmental organisation such as david suzuki. ASk all these people if they can't help you, to suggest any other organisations they might know that would be worth approaching.

    Also often big business these days gives money to philanthropic organisations. Have you got any mines in your area or country. Write to them. It makes them feel better about themselves.

    look for organisations on facebook.

    if you devote a certain amount of time to this weekly or daily or whatever, you will probably get somewhere.

    Best of luck.
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