Advanced Design Course, Aug 2013 Wick, Nr Bristol, UK

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    A unique new course format to support PDC graduates to take their work to a more professional level

    Integralpermanence is offering 7 day Advanced Design Intensives with extended individual course work over 1 month to complete the training. This course will cover advanced permaculture design techniques and skills, mapping strategies, digital design, client interaction and project management methods and resources, business considerations for a permaculture design business and feedback to students via ongoing in-depth design work after the course ends.
    This training is aimed to support PDC graduates, potential permaculture designers and practitioners wanting to take their permaculture design skills to a deeper level or actively participate in creating a positive post-carbon future. In addition to deepening design skills, we will explore functional and collaborative strategies relating to setting up and running a design business. This course is suitable for Permaculture teachers/ trainee teachers and Diploma apprentices and any other land based operatives.

    Themes for IP_AdvancedDesign include;

    • Pattern Literacy, The Scale of Permanence & landscape reading
    • Climate, Geography, Water, Access, Forestry, Buildings, Sub division’s, Soils, Marketing & Energy
    • Mapping & data gathering strategies
    • Digital Design
    • Carbon Sequestration
    • Regenerative Agricultural Strategies
    • Advanced water management strategies
    • Species selection, Food Gardens and Building Perennial Polycultures
    • Advanced Microclimate Design
    • Project Management and Documentation
    • Advanced design techniques and presentation creation skills
    • Creating comprehensive client design and maintenance reports

    Prerequisite is a PDC Certificate, students require a good general degree of digital literacy.

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