Accredited Permaculture Training in Byron Bay

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    FOR RELEASE JULY 9, 2007

    Contact: Stephanie Yank
    e-mail: [email protected]
    phone: 02 6689 7579


    Byron Bay, NSW – July 9, 2007. The Permaforest Trust, Centre for Sustainability Education, announces it will be training Post Carbon Professionals in its Accredited Permaculture Training (APT™) program in Byron Bay, starting in March 2008.

    Climate Change, Peak Oil and other limits to growth, such as declining water availability, are raising awareness for the need to move beyond the fossil fuel era. Australia and the world are now entering an era of post carbon transition. According to founder and trustee Tim Winton, the Permaforest Trust’s 2008 Accredited Permaculture Training Certificate 4 and Diploma courses have been specifically designed to create skilled leaders in community based Post Carbon sustainability initiatives. The program offers a comprehensive range of training in hands-on skills combined with theory for creating positive change.

    Tim Winton, a sustainability educator for the past decade and regular speaker on the topic of Post Carbon Transition, says:
    "We are shifting our focus in the Byron Bay program so that students can actually participate in preparing the Byron community for post carbon transition. In their course work our students will be learning by engaging in projects, such as community gardens, developing energy descent action plans and community climate change initiatives, as resources for the community. As far as we know a comprehensive course like this hasn’t been offered anywhere in the world. Jobs are now opening up in local councils and government funded projects, allowing our students to undertake this work in other communities. Facilitating positive change for Post Carbon transition is a large part of our overall approach."

    Byron Bay is renowned for its forward thinking environmental initiatives, and Mayor Jan Barham welcomes the new program, stating:
    "It is time for the Byron community to really step up its adaptation to peak oil, climate change and other limits to growth. With its focus on facilitating community post carbon transition Permaforest Trust's new 2008 Byron Bay based Accredited Permaculture Training program can act as a real catalyst and will help to continue Byron's position as a national leader in positive alternatives for sustainable living."

    Permaculture is a linking discipline which incorporates effective design strategies and an understanding of natural patterns and principles in order to support the development of sustainable human habitats and communities. Renowned environmentalist Dr. David Suzuki has stated: "What permaculturists are doing is the most important activity that any group is doing on the planet.”

    The Permaforest Trust specialises in sustainability education, networking and the creation of open source resources for ecological, cultural and personal transition to a lower carbon future. It offers Austudy approved Certificate IV and Diploma in Accredited Permaculture Training, providing skills and strategies for peak oil, climate change and other challenges associated with limits to growth.
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    For further information, photos, or interviews with Tim Winton call 0427 937 904 or
    email: [email protected]

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