about 20 china pheasants out my window - happy new year

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    Happy new years! I thought that instead of one of my regular videos,
    it would just be nice to show off some footage of pheasants. All of
    this is taken from my window where my computer is.

    There are about two dozen that cruise across the wheat stubble every
    day. And, yes, a few deer too. Once in a long while, they come a
    little closer and I take a picture or two. Or some video. Lookit me!
    I'm a crappy nature photographer!

    My friend, Jimmy Pardo, sent me this music a while back to use as
    background in my videos. I think the song itself is quite nice. So,
    this time I'm keeping my pie hole shut and letting the video focus on
    the pheasants and the music.

    I'm a few miles south of missoula, montana. So this is for all of
    those folks that tell me "I wished I lived in missoula - or anywhere
    in montana". This is my way of saying "neener neener, I live in
    missoula and you don't" Smiley .

    When I was a kid, I was taught that these are "china pheasants". If
    there is a more appropriate name for them, I don't want to know.


    as always, please forward to folks that might be interested in this
    sort of thing.

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