Abandoned Planet

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    For different reasons, I sometimes like me a good ghost town or abandoned place, including even online virtual places, like forums or blogs, where, for example, the last entry might be something like March 12, 2006. And maybe they made, like, a total of 9 entries over 2 years. Or abandoned software or an interesting-thing-with-a-story, kicked to the curb. Or Pripyat. That kind of thing.
    The experience can be wonderfully reflective, melancholic and desolate.

    (It's looking like it's getting there here by the way, if it was any different, and makes me wonder what of permaculture and similar.)

    ...Or even people walking around in nature, yet looking intently at their cellphones. Or that famous (infamous?) Wuhan 'Bat Lady' in her virus-research bubble hazmat-like suit, like an astronaut. I can almost imagine her floating around in space like that guy HAL9000 decided to dispense with.

    Or like William Shatner or Elon Musk's car-in-space... or even people driving in their cars right here at home for that matter...

    Or even our professions and governments...
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