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  1. 2007 has seen the launch of Rodi Township Permaculture Eco-village on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya.

    The core aim of the community is to provide a nurturing learning environment for children, especially orphans and the destitute, and to enable them to tackle the challenges of employment after completing their formal education.
    The core group that holds this vision has already set up a school for disadvantaged orphans in the community.

    The project in Kenya is providing hope for orphaned children, is a project which is situated on the shores Lake Victoria that provides a Future and hope for orphaned Toddlers whose parents had died of HIV/AIDS pandemic ranging from one to fifteen Years of Age. At the moment the School has 350 Orphans

    The HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in this region is very high as almost four out of ten age affected by the disease and its Socio-economic impacts are very severe; emergence of several Orphans, widows and the elderly

    The project was started a years ago to support orphans in this region and needs urgent expansion as the number of orphans increases almost daily. the initiators of this project are Alex, Lola and Sheryl who also stay with most of the orphans in the home or arrange with some grandmothers to stay with the others under home based care management, an arrangements which is appropriate because the orphans have a Foster parents to provide care and Psychological support which this disadvantaged children greatly need and also provides a proper space for integration in their communities later on in future.

    The project stakeholders, their families and some grandmothers, who are also advanced in age, provide the orphans with basic needs i.e food, education, medical care, clothing and shelter among other things the children need in life.

    The next step is to create a community vocational training centre to provide young people with skills. This will include a farm where the children will learn food-growing skills and contribute to the self-reliance of the community. In the part of spirituality, the Group is looking forward to start a Church in the community as well, hence calling up those interested to be in touch with us.

    The group has been organizing woofing, volunteers, interns, work camps etc for people from the North, placing them to work in community development projects i.e Agriculture, Education, Health, Environment etc under Home Based Stay arrangements, where they live with families for purposes of cultural immersion etc.

    This project needs an urgent support to the orphans need to acquire basic needs and also to expand their services, as there are thousand orphans who need urgent help around.

    The community is seeking friends and financial supporters for details contact Alex Okello at: [email protected]
    P.O BOX 751
    HOMA BAY - 40300

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