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    The following is from https://www.ecosanres.org/
    Which might be more readable.

    Registration is now open for the
    International Conference in Sustainable Sanitation:
    Eco-Cities and Villages
    26-31 August - Dongsheng, China

    Visit the official conference website for the latest news and details on the conference, and how to register for the conference

    Conference Announcement and Call for Papers:
    "Water and Food Security for Latin America"

    An International Conference on Sustainable Sanitation to be held 26-28 November 2007, in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil

    EcoSanRes activities in Bolivia

    EcoSanRes II is co-financing, together with SNV, an initiative by Agua Tuya in Bolivia on piloting sanitation, using dry urine diversion with separate greywater treatment and reuse of human excreta, as a complement to their water supply schemes.

    Click here for more information on the project, and on the dry sanitation workshop that was held in Bolivia from 11-16 April 2007.

    Recent News Items and Announcements

    * Training on Wastewater Management (external link) - provided by UNESCO-IHE - UNEP/GPA, with a compendium of technologies, management tutorials and a documents library.
    * "Pee&Poo" - two taboo-breaking cuddly toys by Swedish designer Emma Megitt!
    * "Toilets That Make Compost" - a new EcoSanRes book by Peter Morgan
    * International Conference on Sustainable Sanitation: Eco-Cities and Villages, 26-31 August 2007, in Dongsheng, China
    * 2007/2008 International Training Programme in Ecological Sanitation
    * Sanitet.NU #1-2006 is a newsletter on sanitation produced by EcoSanRes at the Stockholm Environment Institute (current issue in Swedish only.)
    * WHO publishes third edition of its guidelines for the safe use of wastewater, excreta and greywater
    * Introducing the Second Phase of EcoSanRes
    * Ecological Sanitation: Revised and Enlarged Edition

    Enhanced Global Map of Ecosan Initiatives

    Go to the Online Ecosan Survey - Add your data to be part of the Global Map of Ecosan Initiatives.

    Ecosan in the News:

    "SOUTHERN AFRICA: Some countries on track to meet sanitation MDG" [IRIN News] Posted: 26 July 2007
    "Loo sans l'eau: Why we need waterless potties" [Whole Life Times] Posted: 31 January 2007
    "Pee-cycling" [New Scientist] Posted: 31 January 2007
    "Sanitation Has Been The Greatest Medical Advance" [Medical News Today] Posted: 31 January 2007
    Australia: "Lismore ‘won’t need to drink recycled water" [Northern Star] Posted: 31 January 2007
    India: "Ecosan toilets opened in Musiri" [Chennai Online] Posted: 31 January 2007

    See also "News and Publications"

    Urine Diversion: One Step Towards Sustainable Sanitation. Kvarnström et al. 64p. (PDF 2.68 MB)

    Join the EcoSanRes Discussion Group

    Sustainable Pathways to Attain the Millennium Development Goals - Assessing the Role of Water, Energy and Sanitation
    For the UN World Summit September 2005
    Stockholm Environment Institute (September 2005) 114p.
    Full Report PDF (3.24 MB)
    Summary Folder (PDF 423 kB)

    12 Fact Sheets from the EcoSanRes Programme


    The Sanitation Crisis (PDF 228 kB)

    The Main Features of Ecological Sanitation (PDF 235 kB)

    The EcoSanRes Programme (PDF 205 kB)

    Closing the Loop on Phosphorus (PDF 380 kB)

    Guidelines for the Safe Use of Urine and Faeces in Ecosan Systems (PDF 230 kB)

    Guidelines on the Use of Urine and Faeces in Crop Production (PDF 256 kB)

    Open Planning of Sanitation Systems (PDF 204 kB)

    Introduction to Greywater Management (PDF 197 kB)

    Norms and Attitudes Towards Ecosan and Other Sanitation Systems (PDF 189 kB)

    A Review of Sanitation Regulatory Frameworks for Sweden, Mexico, South Africa and Uganda (PDF 200 kB)

    China-Sweden Erdos Eco-town Project, Dong Sheng, China (PDF 1120 kB)

    An Ecological Approach to Sanitation in Africa - A Compilation of Experiences (PDF 214 kB)

    AFRICA REPORT: An Ecological Approach to Sanitation in Africa: A Compilation of Experiences by Dr. Peter Morgan, Aquamor, Harare, Zimbabwe

    Seven Publications from the EcoSanRes Programme
    2004-1 Guidelines for the Safe Use of Urine and Faeces in Ecological Sanitation Systems
    2004-2 Guidelines on the Use of Urine and Faeces in Crop Production
    2004-3 Open Planning of Sanitation Systems
    2004-4 Introduction to Greywater Management
    2004-5 Norms and Attitudes Towards Ecosan and Other Sanitation Systems
    2005-1 Review of Sanitation Regulatory Frameworks
    2006-1 Urine Diversion: One Step Towards Sustainable Sanitation

    Call for Applications for Research Grants Related to Ecological Sanitation
    International Foundation for Science (IFS)

    EcoSanRes Programme Information (PDF 214 kB)

    EcoSanRes (ecological sanitation research) is an international environment and development programme on ecological sanitation. It has its roots in the pioneering SanRes programme which ran from 1993 to 2002. Sponsored by Sida, managed by Stockholm Environment Institute with a world network of 20 organisations.

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