A NO COST Internship at Chaikuni Institute in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest...

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    Hi all,

    The Chaikuni Institute is a non-profit organization and educational hub working for a truly sustainable future for the Peruvian Amazon. Through the union of ancient indigenous traditions with contemporary permaculture design, we teach and apply regenerative community-based development practices in Amazonian communities. We bring together people from across the planet with indigenous people of the Peruvian Amazon to co-vision and commit to a common goal – working collectively for the protection of the Amazon rainforest, her people, traditions and biodiversity. More info here - https://chaikuni.org/about-us/

    The Chaikuni Institute is currently in the process of design and development. Our current focus is on developing the permaculture plan and systems on our 175 hectare site, (https://terraphoenixdesign.com/portfolio/temple) which we will use as a base for our future education, research and outreach projects. Your participation will be vital in helping us grow and realize our vision.

    Currently we are looking for interns to join us in January 2014 for this 6-month NO COST program. For the full description and to apply please see here - https://chaikuni.org/education/internship/

    For the latest on our work, on the land and with Shipibo youth, you can view our blog here - https://chaikuni.org/blog/

    We hope this interests many of you and to hear from you soon,
    Permaculture Coordinator at Chaikuni Institute
    "Catalyzing a regenerative movement in the Amazon"

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