A few places left!!!!! PDC in Victoria Aus

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    Anyone looking to take a PDC with one of the longest running and most successful courses in Victoria, there a few spots left for the Easter course at Southern Cross Permaculture Institute!

    I have the honour of co-facillitating the 2 week course with Rick and Naomi Coleman and myself and Rick will be returning from teaching a PDC in Rwanda a week or so before this one starts!

    The course itself is amazing and offers experiences not commonly found on other PDC's. Utilising the 10 acre example of temperate Permaculture that is the SCPI site and through Rick's extensive experience in Permaculture design, consultancy and overseas aid, as well Naomi's knowledge and innovation in Permaculture education, topped off with access to some inspirational site visits throughout South Gippsland an unbelievable experience is guaranteed!

    Here is the info from the SCPI website:

    SCPI PDC Easter 2013
    from Friday 29 March 2013 to Sunday 14 April 2013, 8.45am - 5.30 pm daily with middle weekend off, and starting 6pm evening of Good Friday

    SPECIAL SCHOOL HOLIDAY PDC ! (We only conduct a holiday PDC once every 3 years)

    We run two PDC courses on site each year, and have been teaching permaculture for over 20 years. This two week residential program is known for its blend of practical sessions, site trips, theory and active learning exercises. Come and live permaculture while you learn it. We offer real design exercises, small group and individual attention, and a range of teaching styles to cater for different learning needs. Our community atmosphere during the course will ensure you have fun while you learn and make lifelong friendships while you are here. Feel free to contact us before you register if you'd like to talk more about the course.

    contact details can be found here:

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