2014 Winter Weekend Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC), Summertown, TN

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    Hey all you southern US permies. Have you been wanting to take a PDC, but can't get the time off work to attend a residential course? We may have a solution...
    Winter Weekend PermacultureDesign Certificate Course Feb. 8 - 9, Feb. 15-16, March 1 -2, & March 7 -9, 2014

    Earn your internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certification during this four weekend format course.

    For four weekends, you will be immersed in learning tools, guiding principles, and strategies to create lush abundant landscapes, reduce your energy use, and create more stability and security for you and your loved ones. You will join a community of caring individuals sharing the knowledge and enthusiasm that come from a solution-focused mindset, so that we may regenerate land, family and community.

    All levels are welcome. Whether you are new to these ideas and wondering where this path will take you or if you have been in an a related field and need new inspiration. Now is the time to take action to benefit ourselves and future generations. Yes, the earth is beset with problems, you are the solution.

    We are about 1.5 hours southwest of Nashville, so anyone willing to drive to our learning center for four weekends in Feb. And March can attend.

    This structure also allows us to offer this PDC at a lower price. Under $1000 if you sign up by the 10th of January.

    You will learn...

    Permaculture principles and ethics How to read the landscape Patterns and pattern application Water harvesting Swale building Rainwater catchment Zone and sector analysis Climate and micro climate Mapping Land access Community building Plant guilds, food forests and agroforestry The ecological design process, principles, strategies and techniques Nature Awareness Soil building Synergistic gardening Pond management and ecology Earthworks Natural building Grey water systems Bio-remediation Renewable energy systems Forest management Watershed management And More!

    "It is clear that the instructors have spent significant time with the material, both in study and practice." - Tandy, PDC graduate

    "...my hope is renewed by the integrity of the group that present this program. A true inspiration for the future of the planet, our Mother." - Dutch, PDC graduate

    "Got a question about agriculture? Ask Cliffapedia". - Daniel, PDC Graduate

    Why Choose Spiral Ridge Permaculture?[/b]
    There are many great folks offering PDC's, so what sets us apart?

    We are not a faceless organization. We are a family business. We will be in a relaxed environment and our children will often times be present . We are family friendly, so inquire about family discounts.

    We are living it! Learn from a family and community that is actively putting the design process to work. The course will have plenty of hands-on instruction with practical exercises and implementations taught by experienced practitioners of Permaculture and regenerative agriculture.

    Internationally recognized 72 hour PDC curriculum.

    Official Permaculture Design Course Certificate

    In depth study and utilization of the Ecological Design Process. We are well trained both in theory and practical application and we participate in continuing education.

    We are committed to training more teachers to enable the knowledge to spread far and wide. We always work with a former student who teaches as an apprentice. This helps up and coming instructors build skills and confidence so they may go into the world and present this material to others.

    Small class sizes allow time for questions, discussions, and individualized attention

    All levels of experience are welcome. Beginning students will find the course gives them a comprehensive understanding of permaculture and how to apply it, while advanced permaculture students and certificate holders come away with a more in depth understanding of the ecological design process.

    Most Permaculture Design Courses do not teach the Ecological Design Process. This professional process will give you a step by step approach to applying the principles of permaculture. Knowing this process will give you greater confidence to move forward with a design. You will be taught the scale of permanence to organize data and develop a design that meets the desired goals.

    Our schedule is designed as an ecosystem, in and of itself.

    We like to take our time covering the material, with plenty of time for hand-on activities, group process and design, community building and fun.

    We have had 100% student satisfaction.

    You will receive a Spiral Ridge Permaculture T-shirt at graduation

    As a Spiral Ridge Permaculture graduate, you will qualify for discounts on future courses.[/stextbox]

    Early Registration Tuition: $950 if you sign up by 01/10/14 Regular Tuition: $1100

    Sign up now, space is limited. Inquire about discounts for friends or couples signing up together.

    "First let me say just how much I still appreciate the learning experience y'all gave me. I'm still glowing over a month later! Before I attended the course, I already knew permaculture was my passion. But your course inspired me and motivated me even more." - Jason Hurd

    "For anyone thinking about going to a course at Spiral Ridge, DO IT! I just took my PDC there and it was by far the experience and education of a lifetime. Cliff, Jen, and the rest of the crew are the salt of the earth and true practitioners of all angles of this craft. Trust me…. DO IT… you will not regret it…" - Matt Fleener

    More details can be found on our website www.spiralridgepermaculture.com


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