2 Week PDC Sintra, Portugal DEC 2009

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    Dec 17-23rd and Dec 26th-31st 2009Another permaculture course is in the works for Europe from the teaching team of TreeYo. Check out our site to learn more about the PDC and the teaching team. https://treeyopermaculture.wordpress.com/about/
    The course will be held in Sintra just outside of Lisbon.
    This course includes the following topics and more:
    - Ethics, Principles, and Methods of Design
    - Water harvesting, conservation, purification, and revitalization
    - Trees, reforestation, and nutrient recycling
    - Soil classification, biological interaction, and remineralization
    - Climatic Factors and their influences on the design
    - Tropical, Dryland, and Temperate influences on vegetation, housing, and
    - Nutrition and fermentation
    - Transition Towns – emerging and evolving approach to community level sustainability
    Facilitators: Doug Crouch and Gautier Gras
    Language used: English (with help to translate unknown words whenever needed)
    Course fee: 400 Euros , all meals included, plus housing at local hostel or camping for free
    contact the following:
    00 351 919463628 Pedro Figueira or [email protected]
    Host Site: Escola da Terra– Rua do Tojal 12, Casas Novas, (Almocageme), Sintra Portugal.
    Teaching teams blog - https://treeyopermaculture.wordpress.com/about/

    Our Permaculture Defnition:
    Permaculture is the harmonious integration of all life kingdoms into agriculturally productive ecosystems and socially just environments producing sound economic consequences. It’s a design science that seeks to build interconnections allowing for energy efficiency conservation and creation of resources.

    A bit about 2 Week Permaculture Design Course (PDC)
    The 72-Hour Permaculture Design Certificate Course is guided by the 14 chapters that comprise the book Permaculture: A Designers Manual by Bill Mollison. The course was developed by Mollison to spread the knowledge of sensible, ecological design while maintaining the integrity of its multifaceted approach. This powerful and revolutionary course covers the following topics and more: Methods of design, water harvesting, climate specific gardening and housing, aquaculture, and community development.

    Our aim as Permaculture trainers is to creatively facilitate a learning process that empowers people in permaculture design through experiential learning and hands-on training. Each student completes the course with a site design and presentation based on
    the skills and knowledge accumulated throughout the two weeks.

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