10 Week Internshp, 530hr Permaculture Accelerator Training (Inc. 5 Certificate course

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    10 Week Internship, 530 hrs & 5 Certificate Courses
    Dates: 28TH APR - 5TH JULY 2014
    Venue: https://www.ridgedalepermaculture.comAsen 20, Vastra Amtervik, Sunne, 68695 Sweden
    Cost: See website, earlybird discount available

    Want to start a project and farm in the future and don't know where to start? Are you already a farmer or land-manager wanting to use regenerative design to overhaul your enterprise? A pre-professional or professional designer wanting to broaden your skills and get practical project initiation skills? Our 10 week accelerator Internship program is specially designed for people wanting a fast track intensive immersion into project initiation, working alongside a professional designer accredited by P.R.I. (Aus) (reg. Teacher No. 24) & P.C. Assoc (UK). We believe this is a unique opportunity and learning experience in Europe, with 5 certificate courses and intensive hands on experience implementing diverse systems at the first Keyline designed farm and dedicated professional Permaculture education center in Scandinavia. This accelerator training is designed to fast track your Permaculture pathway.

    Training includes;
    90hr+ PDC certified by PRI (Aus) & PC Assoc (UK)
    5 day Forest Gardens & Perennial Cropping
    5 day Regenerating Soils
    5 day Keyline® Design & Holistic Management®
    5 day Teaching Permaculture Creatively

    You will also have time each week to be working on a detailed personal design project, with regular feedback from a professional designer and your peers. You are also encouraged to keep a daily Learning Journal to build up a portfolio.

    Internship Prospectus and Bookings
    here https://www.ridgedalepermaculture.com/10-week-internship-apr--jul-2014.html

    Feedback from previous students; https://www.ridgedalepermaculture.com/feedback-from-students.html


    ...farming, innovating & educating for the benefit of all...

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